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How to Manage Medication Effectively When Caring for Someone at Home

Caring for a person at home who requires regular medication has many challenges. Of course, social care at home is often better for the patient. However, knowing how to manage medication effectively can be especially challenging. For example, a patient may not want to take their medication or they may forget if they have already taken it.
If you are caring for someone at home, how can you effectively manage their medication? Here are some guidelines.

Be organized

Being well organized is key to making sure the person being cared for gets their medication on time. This means keeping all drugs together in one place, preferably out of reach of children and the patient.
It’s also important to monitor how many pills are left to make sure and arrange for repeat prescriptions on time. This way, the patient can get the medication they need when they need it.
If there are many different pills to take, you could obtain a special pillbox that has where pills can be organized. For example, you can buy medical equipment in the form of a large capacity pillbox. Some, have compartments for 7 days with 4-6 different times during the day. Many pillboxes have an alarm system to remind the person to take the medication.

Think safety

You should always follow the instructions of the pharmacist when it comes to administering medications. For example, some pills need to be taken on an empty stomach and others only after eating.
Be careful of taking over-the-counter medication because it could interact with regular medication. With most medications, it is dangerous to take a double dose if the person forgot to take their medicine at the specified time.


It may be necessary to remind the person being cared for to take their medication. For example, if you are not present in the house, you could phone them to give a tactful reminder.

Dealing with problems

Sometimes, it can be especially difficult if you are providing palliative care to a person at home and they don’t want to take their medicine. You should speak to the person’s doctor about the problem if they refuse medication. Remember, that some medications don’t work properly if you crush them into powder form. Some medications are also available in patch form or liquid form.

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