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We are the company that brings you support and comfort!

We are not just another company that just wants to sell durable medical equipments and supplies, we are here to change the way that our customers find and purchase wheelchairs, electric scooters and other home medical equipments and supplies. Some of us have been in healthcare for more than a decade and specifically in the home medical equipment and home care business for the past four years, and were motivated to go into this line of business due to our own parents needing such services and not being able to get an informed advised on what would be the right products for them.
We are in this line of business to help consumers make the right decisions when choosing their medical products thereby making life easier and better for them. Unlike some other companies our goal is not to reduce human contact. Our goal is to offer you the form of help that is best for you, your situation and your home environment. So call us and our experienced Customer Service staff will be glad to help you on the phone. Or, you can complete your entire transaction on-line, but know that a real human being with years of experience will still be reviewing your medical equipment order details to make sure that everything works together.
Bringing the world to you. We believe that you are entitled to choose from all the quality medical products available, therefore we are committed to offering you the best and high quality products from the best manufacturers in the United States of America. We offer products from manufacturers like Invacare, Merits, Dalton, Golden Technologies, etc.

We do not just sell you the products, but also follow up with you to make sure you are adapting well to your new products and offer you the extra support that you may need

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