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How to Make Your Home 100% Accessible

How to Make Your Home 100- Accessible
Making your home 100% accessible for people with mobility challenges is a difficult task. Each person who is in a wheelchair or who needs walking aids to get around has his or her own needs. Making a home fully accessible for both mobility-impaired people and their carers, will greatly improve their quality of life.
Thankfully, you can make a home more accessible for people with mobility problems without having to undertake major renovations. This article provides practical tips on how to make a home 100% accessible for all.
There are 3 major areas that you need to look at if a person is in a wheelchair:

1. How to get in the front door.
2. How to get through doorways in the house.
3. How to maneuver in the bathroom.


Doorways and wheelchair sizes vary, therefore you need to take into consideration how much room is needed to get through each door. Generally, the doorway should be 32″ for a person to get through under their own power. However, powered wheelchairs may require more room.
You also could try removing doors or some of the door frame. However, sometimes it is necessary to widen the doorway.


Bathrooms usually present the greatest challenge to making a home 100% accessible. You should make sure that you have enough turning space for a wheelchair. About 60″ diameter of free space should be enough. Usually, it is necessary to change or rearrange the bathroom fixtures to provide more room. For example, the sink should allow easy wheelchair access.
To care for safety in the bathroom, it’s important to install grab bars to help access to the shower or bathtub. Most people find that a walk-in shower closet with a bench seat is the most practical solution for bathing.

Access to the House

It is important to make sure that there is at least one access to the home that doesn’t require stairs. The simplest solution is a wheelchair ramp, however, much will depend on how the house has been built.

Other Practical Ways to Make a Home 100% Accessible

Flooring: Thick carpets, rugs, and other types of soft flooring materials can make maneuvering around the house tricky. Change the flooring for hardwood or tiled floors and remove rugs.

Toilets: A toilet riser can help make access easier for people who have difficulty sitting down or who need to move from a wheelchair to the toilet.

Rearrange furniture: Sometimes, a practical solution is to remove or rearrange bulky and large items of furniture.

Grab Bars: For safety, grab bars can be placed in various places around the house to make getting around safer for a person with mobility challenges.

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